Fascial Stretch Therapy

​This table-based assisted stretching technique uses Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation (PNF) stretching, traction and breathing techniques to help relieve tightness in the joint capsules and muscle tissue, and restores flexibility and range of motion. It feels like switching from tight jeans to yoga pants!

FST is different from massage therapy in that there is almost no direct manipulation of the muscle tissue, and it is practiced while fully clothed. FST treatments can be done before a workout to increase mobility for a lift, or afterwards to encourage recovery and mobility progression.

Contact me to set up a free 15-minute sample assessment and stretch to feel the benefits for yourself. 

60 minute appointment - $104 ($94 for GoodLife members)

​30 minute appointment - $79 ($69 for GoodLife members)

"Let FST Set You Free!"

Contact me to book an appointment, or set up a free 15-minute sample stretch to feel the benefits for yourself!

"I had my first FST appointment with Meagan after trying massage, osteopathy, cupping and lymphatic therapy to regain more mobility in my glutes and hips - what a difference! The relief was almost instant and the mobility improved immediately in my movement. As an avid powerlifter and gym enthusiast, this type of treatment is definitely the answer to getting relief and improving efficiency of movement - a must try for all who experience any stiff body parts."

 -Lucie N.  

And now for the fine print - prices do not include HST