No more super complicated workouts or fad diets.

Sticking with a plan long enough to see results has always been something I’ve struggled with, no matter how much I thought I wanted to get fit or eat better or learn a language (or whatever!)

I can remember so many times that I would decide that I was “tired of looking and feeling this way, and that from now on things would be different!” 

I would go buy a workout book and some new clothes and sign up for a free online challenge then go to the grocery store and pick up a boatload of “healthy food”. (Half of which I didn’t know what I was going to do with.)

I’d make all sorts of promises to myself that I would finally “do this thing”. Then I’d feel overwhelmed or I’d straight up forget and skip one day at the gym or eat an unhealthy meal, and it would all fall apart.

No matter what I had said to myself earlier, or how badly I thought I wanted the thing, I’d stop working towards it and I couldn’t figure out what had happened, I was just left stranded and confused.

Then I would beat myself up for not having the motivation, for not being able to do this simple thing that other people could do, and I’d like I would be stuck this way forever.

Then the cycle would repeat again.

I finally decided enough was enough. I was going to figure out how to actually do this in a way that made sense for ME.

That’s what led me to joining the gym, getting a trainer, and eventually becoming a trainer myself.

That’s what led me to all my courses and books and videos and research.

That’s what led me to creating The Mind/Body Overwhelm Solution.  

My desire to understand why I couldn’t follow through despite my best intentions is what drove me to find the keys to my own success and fostered my desire to share it with women who are struggling like I did!

Goal setting, fitness, and food should be positive experiences, not more fuel to be hard on ourselves.

I know this journey has been a GAMECHANGER for me and now for so many of my clients, and it’s why I put together this overwhelm busting guide. I hope you find it useful!

Yours in wellness,


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