Meditation & Mindfulness

How to meditate (for regular people.)

It's a somewhat difficult task to describe the benefits of meditation, since there isn't anything tangible involved.  Without getting too cliche and cheesy, once I started learning about meditation and working the practice into my day, I was able to more clearly see not only my own thoughts and behaviors and gained control over how I reacted to them, but I also feel more connected and compassionate towards others who are often struggling in similar ways that I am.

You'll feel calm and happier with meditation because you're no longer being tossed around by involuntary habits that often lead you to make poor decisions and sap your mental and physical energy. Personally I'm more patient, kinder, and when there is conflict I am able to face it without getting completely consumed by anger or frustration. 

Described a different way: I react better to my own stupid stuff and do less of it in total, I react better to others' stupid stuff, I have more compassion for myself and others, and I feel happier in general because being in control of my mind leaves me more energy to do the things I love and make positive change in the world. It's pretty great. ;)

Check out the calendar below to see how you can get in on a meditation class!


A few times each year I hold a longer meditation workshop for beginners. You can see my upcoming schedule below, and if you would like to bring meditation your school or workplace please get in touch! 

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