A great workout for any budget!

Team training is an excellent way to try something new & benefit from a supportive team environment! 

My classes adapt to your needs, and within each workout you will find low-impact alternatives and challenging progressions for anyone looking to crank it up a notch.

Class sizes are kept small so you get the personal feedback of a private session, with all the energy and affordability a group.

Are you interested in a group class but don’t see anything that fits your schedule? Or perhaps you would like to organize a private session with some friends? Check out the information below the schedule!

Ready to kick butt?

All class registrations are currently being done on location at GoodLife Fitness, 270 Weber Street North, Waterloo. 

If you would like more information or to save your spot, just drop me a line!


 "I joined a team bootcamp led by Meagan and was blown away by her willingness to provide information and discussion on health and wellness issues that we may be concerned about. She doesn’t keep the 'secrets' of fitness to herself – it is her mission to share and help however she can. Meagan is a unique trainer with a fun method of training, and solid expertise that she is more than willing to share."
-Lauren P. 

Total Workout For Women

This is my most popular and longest running program! 

The class is inspired by my own personal workouts, and includes a little bit of everything: stretching, yoga, weight lifting, bodyweight training, HIIT cardio, and lots of core!

It's designed for anyone looking to add new things to their workouts or get a little extra motivation. There's lots of instruction for beginners, and plenty of progressions for anyone looking to take it up a notch.

I hope you'll be able to join us - check below for upcoming classes!

No upcoming events.

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Options for private groups

I love it when friends learn and get fit together! From workplaces to bachelorettes, I'm happy to make your ideas reality. Check out the structure below, and contact me to get started! 

(Prices in italics are for GoodLife members.)

90-minute class- $33/$28

60-minute class  - $23/$18

30 Minute Classes:

12 classes - $139/$109


60 Minute Classes:

6 classes - $139/$109 

12 classes - $259/$199 

18 classes - $389/ $299

Prices are per-person, and do not include HST.

270 Weber Street North, Waterloo, Ontario N2J 3H8, Canada