"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than one seeks." - John Muir

Come explore the Killarney landscapes that inspired the Group of Seven with their wild beauty, and recalibrate your inner compass on a retreat to Ontario’s hidden gem. 

No need to be a seasoned adventurer or yoga pro here - We've taken care of all the logistics and are happy to have beginners and experienced participants alike.  These retreats are perfect if you’re looking to spend some quality time surrounded by nature, and want to upgrade your self-care practice with good food, meaningful connections, and empowering workshops.

Reclaim your energy, and discover that you already have everything you need within yourself to walk the path you want. 

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In accordance with the provincial requirements set by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO), I have partnered with TICO registered Wassermann Retreats to handle payment logistics. (Reg. # 50023504)

Once you've submitted your registration form to me, Cathy will be in touch to set up payment. 

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Unplug & Rejuvenate

May 16-19, 2019

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Energy Refresh & Attunement

July 25-28, 2019

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Self-Care Adventure

Sept. 12-15, 2019

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Support Sustainable Parks

I  love this place, and admire the amount of work that is continually done to keep Killarney Provincial Park both wild and accessible at the same time.

To help keep Killarney healthy and beautiful, 10% of retreat profits go to Friends of Killarney Park

Custom Retreats to Nature

Do you have visions of a retreat for your family or friends? I'm happy to craft a trip that will fit your occasion and group!

Use the contact form below to get started.

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