I'm grateful to be guiding you on your fitness journey.

Whether it’s personal training, group training, yoga classes, or anything else I do, every single person that I have worked with has also helped me become a better trainer and teacher. A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has trusted me to guide them to success!

If you are on the fence about working with a personal trainer I encourage you to have a look at what my clients say - let their successes encourage you to take the leap!

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What my clients have to say...

"Meagan Walker helped me turn my life around. I was 270lbs, and scared of gyms. I wanted to make a change, but I was afraid I wouldn't like the atmosphere or I'd be made fun of. Meagan put all that to rest. As soon as I met her, we sat down and established my goals and plans.  She set me up with everything I needed to tackle weight loss and fitness, and with her encouraging attitude I made leaps and bounds. Those 6 months with her honestly got me to where I am now - at 190lbs and still going! Plus, we still keep in contact. I feel valued. Thanks Meagan!" 

-Megan O.

"Meagan Walker has been my personal trainer & Fascial Stretch Therapist. She's a wonderful person who really cares for her clients by going the extra mile. As a personal trainer she is very detail oriented making sure that posture is not compromised and she is very patient. Her added knowledge and technique in stretching really helps you get to the next level, and It feels wonderful to get a Fascial Stretch Therapy session from her as well. I would highly recommend Meagan to anyone who wants to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle but doesn't know where to start. Meagan is a wealth of information and I love that she isn't afraid to say things how they are. She is very down to earth, compassionate but is also able to whip you into shape!"

-Cecilia D.

"Meagan pushed me to work towards my goals in a friendly and encouraging way.  She was flexible with scheduling and sessions which was great for my unpredictable lifestyle. She also helped me see I needed to make a change in my attitude if I wanted to make real progress in my fitness and health. Thanks Meagan!"

-Danielle C.

"Meagan is a pleasure. She is so knowledgeable, whether it is about exercises and how best to adjust each individual exercise to my body with respect to any specific issues I am having, or any questions I might have about the body as a whole. She works me hard, which is why I have a trainer, but she's very aware of my capabilities but pushes me to do more which is what it is all about. I would definitely recommend Meagan for a trainer."

-Margaret M.

"Meagan changed and improved my life. I was having difficulty walking, doing stairs, lifting objects, and in constant pain. As I faced bilateral total knee surgery, Meagan worked with me and customized a pre-surgical and post surgical program. Meagan was very attentive to my specific needs, limitations, and how far to push. Thanks to her ingenuity, patience  and her knowledge of body systems I recovered quickly and am able to do all of the daily activities, without pain.  She is the best!"

-Marie A.

​"I first met Meagan when taking 'Strong Yoga Foundations'. I found her cheerful manner and clear, knowledgeable directions very helpful. I was impressed with Meagan’s manner and knowledge so I signed up with her as my trainer to relearn how to walk properly after a relatively recent back surgery. I’m glad I did. Working with Meagan on a one to one basis has made the hard work of the exercises she sets for me almost pleasurable because she has the ability to carry on an interesting conversation while making sure I do the exercises properly! Meagan’s extensive knowledge of her field and that she is continuing to increase it through courses & workshops inspires confidence in me. If anyone can get me to strengthen my core to walk properly  Meagan can! I have no hesitation in recommending her as trainer and teacher."

-Heather P.

"While attending Meagan's 'Mobility & Stability For Squash' workshop she helped me develop a warm up routine for my squash game. I use it before every game and every work out. I now feel so much more mobile and flexible on the court."

​-Greg V.

"I have been training with Meagan since my 80th birthday in 2012. She has lots of patience and high standards for proper form, and does not rest until satisfied. When I hear the welcome assessment of 'perfect' I know I am making progress! I have also discovered that Meagan's training is not strictly physical; her approach has a significant, positive impact on my mental well-being which cannot be  separated from the physical. In other words, anyone irrespective of age who is in need of improvement in health, physical or mental, would do well to talk to Meagan. Let her decide what you need and you can't go wrong."

-Jane P.

"Meagan has great energy and always provided encouragement, even when my motivation was low.  Her sense of humour, her amazing knowledge of human anatomy and her general intuition on what needs to be done is a key advantage compared to other trainers I worked with in the past."

-Katherine R.

"When I decided to learn some basics of yoga, I'm glad that Meagan was my instructor. She led the 'Strong Yoga Foundations' course, which I thoroughly enjoyed. She is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject, including the health benefits and how to optimize routines for different kinds of people. Meagan creates a very positive atmosphere with words of encouragement, enthusiasm, and a great sense of humour. She is also very personable, sharing both her own and other people's experiences, encouraging questions and feedback, and trying to explain the subject matter in a way that her students can relate to. I found her teaching method quite helpful, and it was a fun and beneficial experience."

-Ariel G.

​"I joined a team bootcamp led by Meagan and was blown away by her willingness to provide information and discussion on health and wellness issues that we may be concerned about. She doesn’t keep the 'secrets' of fitness to herself – it is her mission to share and help however she can. Meagan is a unique trainer with a fun method of training, and solid expertise that she is more than willing to share."

-Lauren P.

"Now that our 'Strong Yoga Foundations' class has come to an end, I would like to extend my thanks to you, again. At the same time I practice at Goodlife in the Hot Yoga studio. I certainly notice an improvement in both my skill level and enjoyment level since taking your sessions. While my classmates were all new to yoga, I was returning and yet you found a very good way to keep us all engaged at our own skill level and in a very comfortable setting. Your knowledge of the mechanical as well as spiritual aspect of practice is refreshing. In a "time" based lifestyle many people, especially women, are looking for more from their time at the gym, yoga having both physical and mental benefits is a perfect and I think your instruction will help many people achieve those benefits."

-Tracey L.

"Meagan is an excellent trainer. She takes the time to listen in order to determine the best approach, and she remembers what is important to her clients order to provide specific motivation. Meagan creates training sessions that are unique to my needs and that will provide lasting results instead of just quick fixes!"

-Kim R.

​"As a survivor of a quadruple bypass followed by a stroke one year later, this octogenarian was left with physical and residual problems. I had a shuffling gait and difficulty with balance. I have been working with Meagan since 2014, and during that time I have improved significantly. Meagan addressed my problems by applying her knowledge of the human body and of the muscle systems in order to improve my walking and balance. If you are a fellow senior looking to enjoy the fun and challenges of a longer life, you owe it to yourself to meet Meagan who will work at restoring your abilities and daily functions, and boost your sense of well-being. Thanks Meagan!"

-John D.

"Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with our training. I see a big difference in my body and thanks to your guidance, I have knowledge of my body and how the muscles function. Your positive energy is infectious and I look forward to our sessions. Thanks so much!"

-Margot E.


"I would highly recommend anyone to participate in Meagan's bootcamps. Her mission is not only to give you a good workout but to educate you in terms of the right and wrong way to execute an exercise, why it's so important and what effect doing it the 'right way' in the present day as well as 'as you age' has on your body! She does this as she keeps each class different and FUN!! I have totally changed the way I move and learned a TON of new ways to protect the health of my spine! I even went ahead and purchased a block of private personal training sessions with her! She's the BEST!"

-Trudy E.

"I had my first FST appointment with Meagan after trying massage, osteopathy, cupping and lymphatic therapy to regain more mobility in my glutes and hips--what a difference. The relief was almost instant and the mobility improved immediately in my movement. As an avid powerlifter and gym enthusiast, this type of treatment is definitely the answer to getting relief and improving efficiency of movement--a must try for all who experience any stiff body parts."
-Lucie N.

"I just wanted to say that I have absolutely loved taking yoga classes with you (even the hot ones that I said I could never do were okay with you leading them!).  Your knowledge of yoga, from asanas to philosophy, and anatomy, sets these classes apart from others that I've taken. I tried a few other classes at the Weber location and yours are by far the best.  I love the way you set intentions during the class and provide different modifications because not all poses work for all bodies. In every class, I find something that can help me to deepen my own practice or apply to my life.Thanks Meagan, you rock!"

-Kiara E