Based in tradition, enhanced by modern fitness.

If you're looking for a super strict traditional class, or one where you can just zone out and not think or learn... I'm not the teacher for you!

My teaching style is influenced by hatha yoga practices, as well as strength, stability, and flexibility techniques I have learned through my time as a personal trainer. There are lots of options for everyone, and my classes are the perfect place for beginners or experienced students looking for a deeper understanding of the postures and their bodies.

While it has traditional roots, this is not a practice one takes too seriously - come with curiosity and expand the way your body moves.

Class schedule and private lesson info below.

Let's talk yoga

Want to book a private lesson, or get more information about my classes? 

Private Yoga Lessons


Private lessons are a great way to refine your practice, no matter what stage you are at! I will work with you to develop a practice that will feel good and progress safely, including additional stretches and strengthening exercises to compliment the practice that you want for your body. 

60-minute lessons are great for anyone new to yoga or for initial planning and exploration of postures. Half-hour lessons are ideal for touch-ups and quick questions. All sessions include unlimited emails! 

Yoga Class FAQ

What kind of yoga do you teach?

I teach a mixture of traditional and contemporary techniques, but it generally falls within 'Hatha' yoga, which is movement and breath focused. 

I love the process of exploring movement and deepening our connection between mind and body, and that's where I put more effort, attention, and intention. 

If you want to work towards the big, fancy posture, let's do it! If not, rest assured I will provide you with plenty to work on. :)

Do I need to be flexible?

Nope! I do my best to offer a variety of options for each posture and as long as you're ok with not putting your leg behind your head from the get-go, you'll find that flexibility is a pleasant byproduct of yoga, not a requirement.

How hot are the heated classes?

My hot yoga classes are 99°F / 37°C, and the women's classes are not heated. 

Where do you teach?

At the Weber Street GoodLife in Waterloo, Ontario. Come visit the club for a tour and try a class! Membership info here: 

Public Yoga Class Schedule - Weber Street GoodLife

No upcoming events.


"I just wanted to say that I have absolutely loved taking yoga classes with you (even the hot ones that I said I could never do were okay with you leading them!)  I tried a few other classes at the Weber location and yours are by far the best. I love the way you set intentions during the class and provide different modifications because not all poses work for all bodies. In every class, I find something that can help me to deepen my own practice or apply to my life. Thanks Meagan, you rock!"

-Kiara E.